Creating a complete plan

A lot of effort is often put into creating a business plan. It’s not uncommon for it to result in a document that is put away on a bookshelf or on the hard drive until the next time you create a plan. At this time, you state that some things have been done, and some things didn’t get done. The new plan is too often a projection of the old plan.

The anchoring of the organisation, the clarity of what needs to get done and making sure that targets are reached and measures are implemented is something that too often is pushed aside in favour of all the urgent issues that just have to be managed.

Would you rather see that management during two focused days, marked by hard work and fun, work out a complete plan where you manage your challenges and get inspired to really carry out what you have planned?

What is Agile Business Planning?

Agile business planning takes the organisation’s need for groups with a common understanding of both external and internal challenges seriously. The focus is on a short and concentrated implementation in different steps to ensure that everyone in the group is on board on the same knowledge journey.

A short and efficient business plan followed by frequent follow up and adjustments is better than a perfect business plan that is never finished

Who leads your process?

Wenell has hired Hans Bandhold – previously of Kairos Future – to start Wenell Strategy, which includes Agile Business Planning. Hans is co-author of the international best-seller “Scenario Planning – the link between future and strategy” and over the years has coached hundreds of management teams in business, organisations and in public operations.

How does it work?

The process is concentrated into two highly focused days. You and your group work quickly with the critical issues in the business plan. This results not only in consensus on the most important challenges, but also in a concrete action plan with milestones that is documented and ready to use when you leave.


Do you want to learn more?

Please contact Hans directly at or by phone at + 4670-516 42 40. He will tell you more about how you can make your strategy work more efficient and action oriented.

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