A long-term and consistent collaboration to enhance project behaviour globally.


It has been a long time focus for SKF to improve their ability to manage and control projects in their global organisation. They have also spent quite a bit of time thinking about the value an investment in traditional development of skills (= individual courses) really provides. Early on, they identified a need to think long-term and to see learning as a process over time.

Time frame

Wenell has supported these ambitions since 1990 and starting in 2008 the collaboration has been intensified and is still on-going.

Our contribution

Since 2010, Wenell is the chosen global partner for project management training in SKF’s Project Academy Certification Program for both project managers and for project sponsors and steering groups.

Over 2 500 people have been trained all over the world where SKF operates. The training sessions use ”Learning that sticks”, where skills are practiced and used in a real life setting. This is done to ensure lasting effects and behavioural change.


In this video, the client describes the reasoning for the change and the implemented steps. Watch it here.

More information

If you want to know more about our collaboration with SKF please contact our consultant Mats Ragnarsson.

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