Agil Projektledning

Working in Projects

Each project team member’s understanding of, and engagement in, their task is important for the success of the entire project.

With knowledge of project work and how groups interact, a team member can make a positive contribution to how the project is structured and how governing preconditions are approached.


This course aims to give team members Increased knowledge of project work and the important role they can play. Active participation will also make their project work more interesting and engaging.

The goal is to:

Give you the skills to become a successful project team member


The training is conducted in-house with our clients, in workshop form where elements of theory, exercises, group discussion and reflection sessions are interwoven. The intention is to give the participants varied days with room for learning, exchange of knowledge and reflection.
Several important work elements are practiced during the course and participants receive thorough and informative documentation. The course can be held either in Swedish or English.

Aimed at

Members of all types of projects and anyone who needs an increased insight into project work.


The training is conducted over two days, either as a day course or residential, with a maximum of 20 participants


  • Application of project work, concepts and development
  • The team member role and its significance for project success
  • Central elements of project work
  • Organizational interaction between project and line
  • Project organization and its roles and responsibilities
  • Collaboration in and between project teams
  • Teamwork and the strength of diversity
  • Important tasks during project implementation
  • Project closure and handover of project results
  • Reflection and learning
  • Lessons Learned and knowledge transfer

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