Review from an impartial expert

A review of a project carried out by an external and impartial expert reduces the risk for “wilful blindness”. This increases safety for both clients and employees in the project organisation.

A project review is done to confirm that the project is managed in the right way and that it is moving in the right direction. It can be just as valuable to make a project review after a finished project so that you can summarise your experiences of what went well and what can be improved for future projects.

Ensure project quality!

Even the most carefully prepared projects may be subject to deviations. Unexpected events such as lack of resources, miscalculations, or other unknown pitfalls may change the conditions.

This is why projects need to be equipped with their own control system. Included in such systems are usually a number of tools for control and corrections.

If the project is big or strategically important you will also need more extensive project reviews.

We help you with

  • Conducting reviews of individual projects
  • Creating common methods for project review within your organisation
  • Implementing changes and improvements based on the reviews
  • Advice on design and implementation of project reviews

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