About customized training

Customized development programs and activities for continuous learning, where participants meet regularly while they also receive individual support, resulting in long-term effects.

Benefits of our customized training programs

  • By designing the learning process according to the principle “Before-During-After”, participants get the opportunity to gain knowledge before the course, practice and apply during the course, and get support and follow-up after the course, ensuring effects and changes in behavior.
  • By setting clear performance targets, involving managers and building networks and coaching teams internally, you create long-term effects and effective use of new knowledge and skills.
  • An internal training program can be customized to the needs of the organisation and individual, in terms of scope, content, and structure. Time is thus better utilised and the impact becomes greater.
  • A customized training program in project management lays the foundation for a common language and a common project methodology that facilitates communication in and around projects.
  • By creating groups from different parts of the organisation you can get fruitful discussions about how joint projects should be conducted.
  • By bringing clients, project managers, employees, and line managers together during the courses, you ensure great interaction and clear roles in the organisation.
  • Participants in the course will have a clearer idea of how project activities are related to the overall business operation and goals/strategies, and at the same time you can relate the content of the course directly to your own work.
  • The exchange between senior project managers and those who haven’t yet acquired as much experience is valuable. It usually creates a foundation for future networks and mentorships that can contribute to the collective knowledge of the organisation.


Customized training programs to your specific needs

Even though we have a couple of “bundled” modules, analysis of the customer’s specific needs is what must control the design of the programme. It’s in the preparation process and in collaboration with our customers that the content of all our customized development programs is formed. Every course is built on modules and we have a lot of digital material for individual studies, which is why everything can be adapted efficiently and in a relatively short amount of time.

Customized training programs both in Sweden and internationally

Several thousand people participate annually in our customized training programs, both in Sweden and internationally. Sometimes, it can be about a defined venture where we train a project group, sponsor/steering group and other stakeholders about an upcoming project, in order to lay a solid foundation for communication and collaboration in the project.

In other cases, it’s about larger ventures, often connected to internal “skill ladders” in project management and leadership. If this is the case, the structure of the course will be directly related to the skill requirements that are defined for different levels. For experienced project managers, it’s not unusual to also include an international certification at higher levels.


In our most complex assignments, we help large Swedish enterprises to implement a common approach in global projects. In these cases, all courses are conducted in English, or in some cases in local languages, where the training is done on location or remotely. In this context, it can also be about developing the leadership of all the project managers in the operation, no matter where they are in the world.


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