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A thorough information structure with uniform and appropriate documents ensures that everyone has access to the right information. This also saves time that can instead be used in the creative work.

To concretely support you, we have selected a couple of generic templates for project documents that are ready to be used. These can easily be adapted to suit your needs. If you want to download the templates, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and click send. This will give you a link to the page where you can download all templates that are listed below.

Business case

Describes the business case/benefits of the project. Ensures that professionalism/benefits are valued and that they are taken into account. Forms the basis of the gate decisions.

Gate decisions

Describes assessments and gate decisions. Documents the decisions and makes them available. Ensures a common understanding of the decisions.

Project Charter

Describes the project arena using goals, limitations, scope, and conditions. Also how you will conduct follow up. Gives mandate to the project manager and ensures that the client and the project manager agree. Can be used to order a phase or the entire project.

Project Charter och POP

Project Charter and Project Operative Plan (POP)  combined in one document.

POP – Project Operative Plan

This is the project group’s plan for how the project should be organised and carried out. Provides the project group with a common idea of the project.

Status report

Describes the project’s current status and forecasts for the future. Clarifies support needs for the project from the client and the business world. Shows opportunities and risks, and gives warning signals. Provides the client and project group with an overview of the situation.

Decision log

Log of cases and operative decisions during the project.

Change log

Log of changes regarding the project’s arena.

Final report

Describes the project’s effectiveness. Conveys gained experiences. Indicates who is responsible for possible outstanding points and evaluation of effects.

Business objectives evaluation

Documents evaluation of effects sometime after finishing the project.

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As a project manager, you are free to use our material free of charge in your own project. The only thing you can’t do, directly or indirectly, is to copy our material and sell it to someone else or use our material in a commercial situation (in training, consulting etc.) as this constitutes an infringement of our copyright. We would obviously appreciate it if you refer to the source when you use the material in your project.

If you want to use the model and templates in any other context than in your project, you are welcome to contact us for a discussion. The templates are provided in currect conditions and we have no resources to handle support of the templates. If you want to modify the templates or change the look of the template, contact us either via or use the form on the right.

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