Our starting points

To ease development of a business specific project model, we see our model as work material rather than as a finished project model. With that in mind, we want to underline the meaning of implementing the model in a good way and get it to work in the actual project environment. This also means that the model is license free.

Once the adjustment work is done you usually have a simple, practical project model that is your “own”, even if in part it is based on our base. Here, the important part is the practical application, not the product in itself.

Projects, Assignments och Tasks

We divide our non-recurring work into three different categories: Projects, Assignments, and Tasks. The aim is to have a good balance between control/formalities and utility.

We believe in simplicity, flexibility, and clarity when you create and use models.

We will gladly help you and your organisation in adapting the model to suit your needs, and we have extensive experience from applying it to projects, assignments, and tasks.

Our goal is to provide you with useful tools. It enables the employees in your organisation to focus on content instead of creating new methods and templates.

The parts of the model

A project model is a clear and visual description of how a project should be carried out. Project models can look very different in terms of detail and scope. Some project models are tailored for a specific industry, a specific kind of project, or even for a specific project.

In the project model, aspects of the project are described. An important part is the project flow. The model should clearly illustrate the division of phases and decision gates. Furthermore, a description of the different roles in and around the project should be included. Document templates provide a good support for the work, and various tools for project work can also be included in the project model.

Working in projects is cooperation and communication

Since successful project work is all about creating great cooperation, the different roles in the project organisation are illustrated in a cooperation model where the focus is on communication needs between different people/functions rather than a traditional, hierarchical model that is based on decision-making and reporting routes.

An important element is how project organisation collaborates with the outside world to ensure that goals are in line with need, that results are quickly brought into the operation and that the handover to the administration is smooth.

The parts of the project flow

The project model is built on phases and decision gates that mark the starting decision for each phase. The purpose is to provide a banister for the project work. The model also provides the client and control group with tools, enabling them to examine the potential of the project at the various gates.

In addition to descriptions of project flow, roles, collaboration, and document templates, the model is supported by a toolbox consisting of methods and checklists.

Document templates

To concretely support you, we have selected a couple of generic templates for project documents that are ready to be used. These can easily be adapted to suit your needs.

The templates are

  • Task description
  • Assignment Strategic Plan
  • Assignment Operational Plan
  • Assignment Status Report
  • Project Strategic Plan
  • Project Operational Plan
  • Project Status Report

You can read more about the templates and download them here


In a complete project model, there are also brief descriptions of how certain tools are used. The descriptions are designed to function as a support in the operative project work and require a basic understanding of project work.

Why some tools are used and why they are important is not described in the toolbox. Instead, that is described in our project management courses and in our course documentation.

Many of the tools and ways to use them are chosen in part to achieve certain results, but also to create participation, support, and common targets. It’s a prerequisite for effective, creative, and inspiring project work.

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