We are active in exciting networks, both to improve ourselves and to broaden the scope of development in our field. We also have the pleasure of having some of the leading universities in Sweden as repeat clients.

A couple of networks that are especially important to us

Project Inspiration (Projektnäring in swedish)

Founded in early 2011, Project Inspiration is an ambitious investment in skills development meet-ups in project management. The aim of Project Inspiration is to arrange a couple of skills development meet-ups per year to provide a meeting place for project professionals that continuously offers new inspiration and knowledge. Those who participate regularly in Project Inspiration get a unique opportunity to build their own network with other project professionals in Sweden.

In order to avoid the need for financing from exhibitors and sponsors, the meet-ups do cost money. Project Inspiration is non-profit where any surplus goes to the carrying out of upcoming meet-ups. The aim is that participants have an opportunity to influence the direction of upcoming meet-ups. Since 2012, the Swedish Project Academy appoints the Project Manager of the Year in Sweden at the Project Inspiration autumn meet-up.

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PMI® Sweden Chapter

PMI® Sweden Chapter is known to be a dynamic organisation consisting of holders of the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential and project leaders aiming to become PMP® credential holders. PMI® Sweden Chapter promotes development in project management with regards to education and businesses in Sweden. This is done by spreading and increasing knowledge about project management and by establishing Project Management as a profession. In Sweden Chapter, project managers get the opportunity to exchange experiences, build their networks, and educate themselves further.

We are gold sponsors for PMI® Sweden Chapter and  Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) by PMI® in the US. From us you will get customized courses preparing you for your PMI® certification.

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Swedish Project Academy

The Swedish Project Academy aims to promote development and application of project work for Swedish businesses. Since 1994, the Academy has been a meeting place for highly skilled people in project management. The members of the Academy are engineers, economists, behavioral scientists and humanists from the business world, public administration, and universities, and they know that it is possible for businesses and administrations to become more efficient by developing how to think about projects.

Since 1994, our consultant Mats Ragnarsson has been a member of the Academy.

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Svenskt Projektforum

Svenskt Projektforum has for almost 50 years worked on strengthening and developing the role of projects for businesses and organisations. They do this by being a meeting place for people who are responsible for or are working in projects. For example, they offer a members’ magazine called “Projektvärlden”, and host seminars and symposia. They also certify a large number of project managers annually in accordance to IPMA.

We are a Corporate Member at Svenskt Projektforum and many of our hired consultants are thus members of the association.

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Everybody at Wenell believes that IRNOP is one of the most interesting networks internationally in terms of research about projects. IRNOP is an abbreviation that stands for International Research Network on Organizing by Projects.

Network members come from all over the world. Although the network is mainly for scientifically inclined people, the network also attracts many practitioners.

We participate actively at conferences hosted by IRNOP. To us, it’s an important exchange of ideas for our development.

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Fair Enterprise Network

In 2008, we entered into a new collaboration with a business group in Nepal called Fair Enterprise Network. They work for fair trade and for creating a clean environment in Kathmandu.

Our ambitions are to develop our future collaboration by benefiting from each other’s unique opportunities and combining these to create concrete results that make a real difference for people. If you’re looking for more information, please talk to your contact at Wenell and we’ll tell you more about an exciting project that makes a difference. The meeting between Wenell and Fair Enterprise Network is especially important to us.

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DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) and RAD (Rapid Application Development) means that you can ensure a fast and efficient development process of IT systems by using a dynamic framework for methods and system development. The aim is to help businesses reach increased profitability by being able to deliver their software products faster and “in time to market”.

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ISO, the international organization for standardization, provides solutions to global challenges and facilitates international trade. In the international committee as well as the Swedish committee on project, programme and portfolio management, Wenell is a member along with other representatives from the public and private sectors.

Wenell representatives are active subject matter experts in ISO standardization, writing standards, participating in international working group meetings, committee decisions, supporting the committee leadership and in the work of the Swedish mirror committee where decisions are made regarding Swedish Standards. Our consultant Annakarin Nilsson is chair of the Swedish mirror committee.

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