When knowledge is put to use

When knowledge is put to use, value is created in concrete and everyday work situations. This is what we call skills.

We believe in leadership that makes it easier for employees to do the right thing instead of hindering them from doing the wrong thing. Having skills and consciously adapting your behaviour to the situation creates great conditions for leader and employee performance.

We reinforce course participants by systematically practicing and enhancing their skills, making it easier for them to manage their everyday work. Practice is done in steps, from simple exercises and application to current projects. Participants are encouraged to try new behaviours and ask each other for help.

Safe learning environment for every participant

The course leader is responsible for establishing a safe learning environment for every participant. This is done in part by presenting and maintaining clear rules. Dialogue, reflection and exchanging experience is seen as an important part of learning. In order to create  a good environment for learning, the course leaders and the group work consistently by giving feedback in a way that makes development easier, and in a way that builds on the course participants’ individual strengths and ambitions.

Individual learning plans

Research shows that the course participants’ activity before and after the course is crucial for making new skills stick and for giving results in their own operation. When we are conducting customized programs internally at our customers’ location, we provide them with a process for creating individual learning plans, and methods to enhance desired skills through the support of the organization.

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