Our consulting services

Every organisation can reach higher goals by better utilising the potential in their employees. Our employed consultants are hired continuously by our clients as advisers and support when they want to improve their ability to use projects to reach long-term business goals or when something in the organisation and leadership doesn’t work.


Personal support

Apart from our rich selection of courses and services in project management and leadership, our experienced consultants are an important resource in themselves.

Our consultants often start as mentors and advisers to people who want to develop in their role as a project manager and in their project leadership. These efforts may also apply to project clients who want to discuss their role and cooperation with the project manager, as well as the entire project organisation and other managers.

On the basis of a unprejudiced conversation about your needs and ambitions, we decide on a number of meetings where you meet with your consultant continuously. You control the agenda and decide with what frequency you want to meet. If you want to talk to someone that has been helped by us, please contact us and we will provide you with references that you can talk to.

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