Project Portfolio Management

Doing the right things – how to include the right selection of projects in your portfolio. To achieve the strategic goals of your business, it is paramount to put the available resources into those projects that will provide the greatest contributions.

Allocating resources to the right projects, pacing benefit realization in alignment with your strategic goals as well as providing information on project status are the key benefits of applying active portfolio management.


Increased knowledge of portfolio management and how it will support your organization in reaching its strategic goals.


  • You have a thorough understanding of how to set up active portfolio management in your organization.
  • You are aware of the considerations required to balance your portfolio.
  • You are familiar with the roles involved in portfolio management.
  • You are familiar with the interaction of portfolio management and the environment of your business and can identify the roles who are stakeholders of the portfolio.


This is a workshop-based course, combining theory and practice with dialogue. The exchange of participants’ experiences and reflections is significant in this training. As a participant, you will have many opportunities to discuss relevant issues and how they relate to your organization.

Target audience

Management teams, PMO managers, portfolio managers, portfolio leaders, line managers, business leaders, CEOs.


You have a basic understanding of how to manage and control a single project.


Two full days, 18 hours in total, including a couple of hours’ individual preparation before the training.
Maximum 14 participants.


  • Driving forces to use portfolio management
  • The effect chain and benefit realization
  • What is portfolio management?
  • What is included in the portfolio?
  • Strategic fit
  • Success factors and pitfalls
  • Portfolio environment and context
  • Portfolio constraints
  • The portfolio management process
  • Portfolio visualization – content and progress
  • Evaluating and prioritizing the components of the portfolio
  • Balancing the portfolio – risks and opportunities
  • Portfolio planning
  • Roles in active portfolio management
  • Getting started – a checklist

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