We focus on individual and organisational learning

Wenell Management AB was founded in 1967 and is today one of the leading consultant and training companies in Scandinavia. We help our customers to succeed with their projects and with their leadership.

Our speciality is to make people drive change through knowledge, skill, and confidence. Projects are our knowledge base and we have grown our base of knowledge in all the different fields we have worked in during more than fifty years. We use cutting-edge pedagogy and our focus is on simplicity and applicability. We tailor activities that generate value for both organisations and individuals.

What is Wenell Management AB? CEO Tommy Olin explains (link to video)

We believe in projects!

More agile, more vital and better

Organizations that are skilled at applying projects are more agile, more vital, and better equipped to handle change. This ability is a result of knowledge, a common approach to projects, and a professional approach at all levels of the organization. Usually, it’s the simple, straightforward solutions that are key to success.

New knowledge and new skills

Our task is to help the customer, making sure that new knowledge is created and that skills are honed for the individual, organisational entity, or business in question. Genuine helpfulness starts with humility and understanding the one you want to help, and his or her ability.

Extensive experience

We have extensive experience working with project management, education, project models, and organisational and leadership development. Today, we are happy to call more than 500 companies and organisations our customers, and many of them are international businesses. For many of them, it’s all about giving us the confidence to further develop methods and behaviours that relate to their work. However, more and more talk about us as their partner, where our hired consultants are hired continuously to support and improve their operations.

Our strategic direction

We are a hub for project development and hone the skills that make you and your organization stronger.

  • We create attractive networks – with customers, researchers and colleagues.
  • We are where our customers want us to be – we follow our customers out around the world.
  • We understand different environments and we integrate method knowledge and behavioural skills, giving real improvements an impact.
  • We make leaders out of project managers and line managers.

What we’re really good at

Implementing a common approach to projects

Using our simple, license free model for managing projects, assignments, and tasks as a foundation, our customers create functional approaches to work in collaboration with us.

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Design and implement learning processes

We have solid research-based knowledge about what is required for courses and training to lead to lasting improvements.

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Quickly learn about different environments

Our employed consultants have extensive experience, working in a variety of situations ranging from large international corporations to smaller companies, organizations and the public sector.

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Practice and improve important leadership skills

In order to become a better leader, we believe that it’s important to collaboratively prioritize important leadership behaviors and then consistently practice and improve these. We provide participants with useful, research-based principles and tools.

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Carry through missions worldwide

We go where our clients need training and have great experience of working in different cultures.

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Prioritizing application in all courses

In order to make the transition from the course environment to everyday work, we always work with our customers’ individual projects and situations in our courses.

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Being responsive and receptive to our customers’ needs

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, we adapt to our customers’ realities.

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Creating dialogue that challenges ourselves and our customers

We always question the tried and tested and are passionate about exploring new ways. In collaboration with exciting researchers and proven practices we accelerate development.

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