Projects are investments

A project is one of the tools you can use to reach the strategic goals of your organisations. Projects are also investments.

For project based organisations, or for organisations that mainly use projects for their activities, projects are usually the single largest kind of investment. Also, efficient project work requires a strong business approach.

Prioritize use of limited resources

The multi-project business is also a system of concurrent activities that must be coordinated effectively. When that is the case, traditional government of goals, costs, and time for individual projects is not enough.

That’s why interest is growing in project portfolio management.

Project portfolio management is about prioritising the use of limited resources in a good way, ensuring that the organisation’s project initiatives support strategies and long-term goals, and ensuring that projects deliver desired results.

We help you with

  • Organising and coordinating project activities
  • Adapting and implementing a model for project portfolio management
  • Connecting the project model to the overall management

A couple of examples of what we have helped our other clients with

  • Systematic overview of long-term goals and strategies and mapping of projects to visualise if the project actually supports the strategies.
  • Systematic health check of the project business to identify where improvement efforts do the most good.
  • Development of a process for portfolio management that makes it possible to connect project management with business management.
  • Understand and find roles and responsibility division that makes portfolio management work in practice.
  • Establishment of a flexible and efficient portfolio management based on agile principles and lean-thinking.
  • Helping the establishment of a project office that can support portfolio management.
  • Training for management teams, project office, and project client.

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