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When you need to solve problems in an organisation, leadership is usually involved. Our employed consultants and psychologists help you find solutions and develop your leadership.

Developing efficiency in organisations is all about changing people’s behaviour. We know that problems can arise when plans are to be translated into concrete actions.

  • Strategies don’t get the desired impact.
  • Values are developed, communicated, anchored, but the effect just isn’t there.
  • Processes change without changing how employees do their work.

Changes that give results

Our experience of change management in organisations is that when it fails, it is often due to a failure in discussing how the changes should be implemented and how the results should be measured. Or that you make too many changes at once. Instead, we work on change in smaller steps, where we choose the most important behaviours in the organisation that need to change to reach your goals, no matter if these are changes in the entire organisation, groups or individuals. We call this change management and behavior based leadership.

What factors are crucial to successfully change your business?

  • Simplicity, clarity, and adaptation to the situation are the things that work
  • Wise leaders that are role models and change behaviors
  • Confident and motivated people that collaborate create results

We help you to implement changes that give results. Your employees create clarity in what they are supposed to do in order to increase value in relation to strategic goals. Leadership makes things possible. You take one step at a time. We follow what you are doing and measure the effects.

Organisational Behavior Management

We base our work on methods in OBM (Organisational Behavior Management). Behavioral analysis is one of our most important tools to identify developmental opportunities.

Every business and organisation has demands on what they should achieve. Owners, clients, and employees have more or less the same expectations, in terms of both goals and how to get there.

Desired effects in organisations can vary. For some it’s all about profitability and growth, and other businesses focus on customer benefits. It can also be a question of more specific results, like reduced environmental impact, increased customer satisfaction, reduced turnover of staff, increased rationality, or increased brand impact.

No matter what the effects are, you have to be able to measure them.

Successful businesses are created by people working together, but the question is whether people can reach their full potential. Human behavior directly influences success. If everyone behaves correctly, it produces results.

What can collaboration look like?

  • We discern the most important development opportunity in relation to strategic goals.
  • Together we set up a plan and make sure that the right conditions are in place in order to implement the desired changes.
  • Features that have the biggest impact on results are identified and key behaviors are sorted out with the concerned parties.
  • Managers lead the work on change with the support needed to achieve progress.
  • Follow up is done continuously in order to learn and to monitor that the implemented changes lead to desired results.
  • New behaviors need to be reinforced, and through a maintenance plan, continued performance is ensured.

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