We believe in cooperation

That’s why we have no problem with getting help from other talented people, businesses, and organisations. Together we can provide you, the customer, with a large selection of courses and consultant services in most parts of the world.

You will find some of our partners below.



Convolo is an international consultant firm based in Holland, led by Martin Waaijer. During his time at SKF, where he was responsible for an internal development organisation, he collaborated with us as a partner.

Convolo supports companies that want to develop their employees in R&D in order to create a more efficient organisation. The company creates value by mobilising talented co-workers in change management. Here, behaviour can be influenced by integrating methods like Lean Management and Project Management in terms of practical application.

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Intelleqt is a rapidly growing innovative company with a passion for digitally run organizational development.

The company has developed the Feedback Platform Manakin, a digital assistant making it easier and more fun to combine learning and practice.

We cooperate with Intelleqt to develop and customise Manakin as a support for practice in our different courses and in some of the customised programmes we are conducting globally.

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Dataföreningen Kompetens

Our courses in project management and leadership are marketed by Dataföreningen Kompetens as a part of our enhanced cooperation. DF also offers a wide range of additional training for those working in IT, executives and business developers. Business development, IT governance, programme management, agile models and methods, process orientation, information modelling, information security, requirements analysis, procurement, and testing and management are just some of the different areas of education provided.

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Find Courses Global

Find Courses Global is one of the leading portals for professional development. The search engine is run by Find Courses Global AB and was founded in 2004 with the goal of helping people find the right training. At their website you will find over 5000 courses and 400 different training companies. Find Courses Global AB also has operations in other parts of Europe and in the US.

Wenell’s courses are naturally also a part of the search engine and we also collaborate in other areas.

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