Project Manager of the Year 2023: Mikael Hemmingsen

Following a successful gathering on November 17, where industry experts, enthusiasts, and prominent project leaders came together for a morning filled with insightful lectures and networking opportunities, we reflect on an inspiring event.
During Project Industry 2023, we delved into a morning brimming with knowledge and insights. Taking the initial steps on an exciting journey, we spotlighted three outstanding individuals. These individuals were nominated for the “Project Leader of the Year 2023” award, and their achievements were highlighted in an impressive manner. We extend our gratitude to all participants and eagerly anticipate future meetings and events that continue to showcase outstanding achievements in project management.

Mikael Hemminsen, named Project Leader of the Year 2023, has not only demonstrated exceptional skills and leadership within his field but has also made an impact far beyond expectations.

In the podcast, Mats Ragnarsson from Wenell Management AB will delve into the story behind Mikael’s successes, explore the challenges overcome, and share the insights and lessons learned during his journey. It is an honor to introduce you to an inspiring individual who not only represents excellence in project management but also serves as a source of motivation and learning for us all.

Mikael was nominated for his role as a project leader in the construction of Mathem’s new logistics facility, the Customer Fulfillment Center, in southern Stockholm—a project he has been working on since 2018. Mathem’s CFC spans 36,000 m2 across two levels, including a standalone parking structure for distribution vehicles. The facility comprises four temperature zones and features complex automation. From here, customer orders are picked and distributed throughout the Stockholm region. The rooftop hosts Stockholm City’s largest solar panel installation, and the property, as the first logistics facility in Sweden, has achieved the highest Gold level in the sustainability certification, Miljöbyggnad. The project aimed to create an attractive workplace with a focus on sustainability and efficient warehouse operations. Situated on a challenging plot, the planning and design work had to be adjusted multiple times. Additionally, the project unfolded during a pandemic, posing challenges from various perspectives.

In pursuing the vision, the project leader diversified his approach to encourage participation, enhance communication, and concretize innovative ideas. Furthermore, an exceptional team, both at Mathem and with Logistic Contractor (the construction contractor), collaborated to address the challenges that arose.

Listen to the podcast:

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