Tommy Olin, PhD

+46 70 358 91 84

Special interests

Tommy is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner, SCRUM & Agile Master, SAFe Agilist, and holds a PhD in project management. He keeps a close eye on research in project management and product development in order to apply it in real life scenarios. In other words, he builds bridges between knowing and doing. Several universities hire Tommy for contributions to their operation.

Flexibility and structure in collaboration is close to Tommy’s heart and he gets inspired by applying Agile principles in all kinds of projects. His understanding of fundamental theoretical principles in combination with real life experience makes him able to see and explain why a model/method does or doesn’t work in different situations. This is a very appreciated ability that is very useful when helping businesses to adapt and enhance their models.

Clarity, simplicity, and situational adaptability are three important concepts forming the basis of his work. With a passion for people and their inherent abilities, he helps individuals at all levels to grow. His ability to explain theoretical reasoning in a clear and inspired way, in combination with real life experience, is very appreciated by course participants and clients.


For Wenell, Tommy works on qualified consulting and training. He has a large personal network with scientists in the project field and with practicing project managers. Tommy is an appreciated and enthusiastic trainer with the ability to create an interest and engagement in the role of both a consultant and a trainer. As a trainer, he aims for clarity, simplicity, and applicability. Tommy has published a couple of papers and contributed to a book in his area of interests.


Tommy has a Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering and has been working with complex product development for more than 20 years (15 years as project manager). The work has included both SW, HW, as well as mechanics and the scope has ranged from small to very large projects (> 100 MSEK). Since 2002 he holds a PhD in Management of Technology with focus on project management.

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