The Swedish Project Academy’s 2023 “Essay of the Year Finalists” Moa Lidman and Linnéa Berg

The Swedish Project Academy’s annual essay competition has once again taken center stage in 2023. With a noteworthy 19 submissions vying for recognition, originating from an impressive eight distinct educational institutions, the competition has undeniably attracted attention and commendable participation. Diversity in thought and perspective is clearly a hallmark of this year’s competition, as the essays represent a myriad of viewpoints from various educational corners. The challenge faced by the competition’s jury is both exhilarating and daunting, given the remarkable quality that characterizes each submitted essay. The task of selecting a victor is no small feat when confronted with a pool of high-caliber contributions.

The collaborative effort of Moa Lidman and Linnéa Berg emerges prominently in this landscape with their essay titled “Guidance on the Agile Transformation Journey: The Role of Agile Coaches.” While their endeavor narrowly missed the top spot, it’s essential to acknowledge the commendable effort and close proximity to victory they achieved.

Mats Ragnarsson, from Wenell, has notably highlighted the significance of Lidman and Berg’s work. Their essay, deserving of a special mention, stood on the brink of success, a testament to its depth and relevance. The competition jury’s challenge in determining a winner is underscored by the tight competition and the overall excellence demonstrated by all participants. For those eager to delve deeper, an insightful interview with Moa Lidman and Linnéa Berg awaits. This conversation sheds light on their thought process, motivations, and the journey that led to their essay’s creation. Furthermore, the essay itself is available for perusal, offering readers the chance to engage with the content that nearly secured victory.

You can find the interview, and the essay here.

In summation, the Swedish Project Academy’s 2023 essay competition stands as a reflection of academic vigor and scholarly engagement. The array of submissions from diverse institutions underscores the vitality of intellectual pursuits within the academic community. As the interview and essay become accessible, a unique opportunity arises to explore the minds behind the submissions and gain insights into the broader discourse these essays contribute to.

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