Streamlining a global organization – an interesting and challenging project!

Approaching the headlined, should be made with great respect. As we all surely know – Culture eats Strategy for breakfast, so that is a consideration naturally found in such a strategic project.

During a year I have, as a consultant at Wenell, had the privilege to work with such a project; plan, execute and evaluate a new way of working in a large international organization on a global basis. My humble findings support already existing truths out there.

  • Work relentlessly with your Stakeholders via a structured Communication plan
    – Communicate ‘til it hurts
  • Carve out the Project goals by setting of a big chunk of time for iterations
  • Repeat the project goal like a Mantra – and clarify Project Exclusions
  • Virtual meetings are great – but cannot replace (important) physical meetings
  • Create an open atmosphere and establish trust within the core team
  • Celebrate and visualize (small) steps/milestones

With that said, the conclusion is to never underestimate setting the common scene and creating a trustful culture within your projects.

The result of the project you might ask? Well as all change taking place, this needs time to get good foothold. But the initial follow up show that different regions in the world increasingly communicate and work according to the new way of working. I am sure there will be some corrective actions the upcoming year, but overall it looks very promising. I am very grateful to have served in a project like this and can’t wait to see the results evolving.

Leif Dagsberg, Wenell Management

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