Wenell on study visit: New hospital area, Malmö

Therese and Leif from our branch office in Malmö had the privilege of visiting the project office for the New Hospital Area Malmö, which will be completed by 2025.

Our host Jonas Häger was very committed and eager to tell and visualize a lot of interesting things.

It is a very large project both in time (2015-2025) and money (SEK 12 billion). But the focus is nevertheless on the patient’s safety – which feels great as a (possible) patient …

From a project perspective, it is incredibly exciting to see how they work a lot in visualizing and communicating with the various stakeholders. In addition to traditional physical models built with great skill, a VR room is also used to test how a room can work in real life. In addition to this, one also builds full-scale rooms according to the theater’s backdrop principle to see a possible room in “reality”. (https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/skane/har-provbygger-man-nya-sjukhuset-i-malmo)

In order to achieve good collaboration and coordination with all myriads of functions involved, a digital collaboration board is also used. This makes it possible to capture issues between different functions, and at the same time provides a traceability to know in a simple and effective way what needs to be discussed and what decisions have been made. The latter is not least important so that no time is spent discussing things that have already been decided.

We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to meet up with Jonas – despite his very well-filled calendar!

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