Wenell’s Project Modell 4.0

It is based on our values Simplicity, Scalability, Flexibility and Iterative Work. The model also contains descriptions of how different project tools can be used and is a support for project sponsors as well as project managers and project team members.

Simplicity. The project model is visual, limited in scope, and easy to navigate, no matter what your role is.
Scalability. We use three different formats: Project, Assignment, Task so you can adapt the project model to the needs and complexity of the initiative.
Flexibility. The model is suitable for both objective-oriented and objective-seeking initiatives that are conducted through waterfall, integration-driven, agile, or exploratory development philosophy. The model can easily be adapted to the needs of your business.
Iterative work. The model is based on that all initiatives can work iteratively with near zone planning and follow-up, regardless of whether it is possible to deliver successively.

Contact us if you have questions, want a demo or have a dialogue on how you can adapt it to your business.

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