Leading in Uncertain and Complex Projects

From command and control in support of self-organization

What is the leadership like creating efficient propulsion of complex projects, although the leader is not focused on command and control?

This book presents a successful way to implement projects. It is about having a clear leadership that supports collaboration and the ability to handle the unexpected. The consequence is a project logic of creating frameworks and guidelines rather than rules.

The book is based on interviews of leaders from diverse environments that successfully manages both the uncertainty and complexity of the authors’ conclusions about why the leaders after the good results. The interviews reveal a common pattern, a “game system”, which allows project participants to use their expertise and judgment to solve the task while working for the common goal.

The book is aimed primarily at those who lead or work in the project or manage an organization engaged in project work.

Listen to the authors discussing the book and the content in this podcast from Wenell

By: Lars Marmgren och Mats Ragnarsson


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