Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019

Creating a car from scratch, which can travel over 3 000 kilometers across Australia with the sun as the only energy source, sounds like a cool project?

At Wenell we really thought so! At the end of January, we became gold sponsor for Chalmers Solar Team, which is a group of students at Chalmers University of Technology who took on this challenge. The team will participate in the competition Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019. Together with the team, our consultant Mats Nyman carried out a two-day project planning workshop where the various subteams worked with everything from stakeholder analysis and description of objectives to planning and risk management. The result was much appreciated and now the team is filled with energy to implement the rest of the project.

The walls of the team premises are now covered by various visualizations that facilitate collaboration and communication between the teams. In the fall, it is time for the team to enter the starting line and go!

Good luck from all of us at Wenell! We look forward to following you on this exciting adventure.



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