The person or people who will take over responsibility for the project results.

The receiver:

  • Is responsible for continuing post-project activities, such as operation, maintenance, administration and competence development.
  • Familiarizes themselves with the project’s results and business objectives, at an early stage.
  • Specifies and communicates their requirements on an ongoing basis.
  • Provides commentary and feedback during the project.
  • Keeps everyone informed about new contact persons and communication channels.
  • Receives and is responsible for the list of outstanding issues.
  • Receives, checks and maintains the results.
  • Receives comments on the project’s results and introduces improvements.
  • Coordinates necessary change management and business objective evaluation activities with the project manager.

The receiver has the vital role of securing the project’s “life after delivery”. It is important to name someone as the receiver of the project deliverables so that the project can finish on time and allow its participants to move on.

The receiver is also a natural sounding board for the project manager regarding things like acceptance and closure criteria.

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