The person(s) who will utilize what the project delivers.

The customer/user:

  • Describes and communicates requirements/expectations and their background.
  • Describes and communicates other expectations, for example how reporting should be done.
  • Monitors the project throughout its progress and gives feedback.
  • Carries out reviews and tests to ensure that deliveries meet the agreed specifications.

The customer specifically:

  • Specifies a delivery method and receives the delivery.
  • Receives, checks and signs-off the deliverables.
  • Assesses the likelihood of achieving their own business objectives.

The customer/user has the difficult job of being clear with their demands and requirements, while often describing an unclear reality, The customer/user and project manager need to discuss how to deal with questions to which there is no clear answer at project start, and how to deal with future changes. Making successive deliveries and adopting an iterative approach to the work may help in this respect. Where the customer is not defined or available, an internal customer representative is appointed.

A high level of trust between the customer/user and project manager will make things easier. Make sure to establish a good dialogue early on. This is equally important in the relationship between the project sponsor and the one that has the business responsibility at the customer.

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