Subproject managers

People who lead subprojects and ensure that their objectives are achieved.

Subproject managers are named when the project is so large or complex that it is divided into subprojects. The challenge is making sure that subproject objectives are met while also ensuring that these contribute to the achievement of the overall project objectives. Subprojects can free the participants to work in well-oiled, smaller groups, even in a large project.

Subproject managers:

  • Familiarize themselves with the project’s background and arena, and agree with the project manager about the subprojects’ content.
  • Inform their team members and work with them to formulate the subproject arena.
  • Visualize the subproject contents and results.
  • Organize the subproject and agree with the resource owners on the use of human and other resources.
  • Plan their subprojects.
  • Deal with uncertainty by active risk management.
  • Eliminate obstacles and create the necessary environment for everyone to work, interact and communicate easily.
  • Coordinate the work and keep the tempo up through active daily management.
  • Keep the project manager and other subproject managers informed.
  • Are answerable to the project manager to ensure that the subprojects objectives are met and that they harmonize with other parts of the project.
  • Hold a lessons-learned seminar.


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