The project workflow from the project manager’s perspective

The project workflow seen from the project manager’s perspective serves as a guide rail throughout the project.

Dividing the project into phases helps focus the work and promotes quality in the result. By introducing milestones in the project, you can clarify and highlight important results along the way. This also allows result-oriented follow-up.

The Project operative plan describes in detail which results should be created and how the work should be done. The Project operative plan is drawn up in the beginning of the project and is updated when changes occur. Status reports are used to report the project’s current status to the project sponsor and the Final report describes the achievement of project objectives, lessons learned, etc.



Milestones are results to be achieved during the project.

Identify key results

You use milestones to ensure that key results are identified. Milestones highlight planned and achieved results in the project, which is useful in planning and also offers a powerful tool for follow-up.

Flexible planning

They allow flexible planning on several levels, where the project team members can plan how to achieve the results needed for each milestone.

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