The Prestudy phase

The prestudy aims to inform us at an early stage and at minimum cost, as to a potential project’s needs, opportunities, uncertainties and challenges. In the prestudy we work with all four areas; need, results, scope and plan – but focus is on need and results. The aim is to quickly gain the knowledge required to create a good platform for deciding to proceed or not, and in which general direction.

  • Describe the background and context.
  • Identify stakeholders and document their needs.
  • Explore different options for the project, e.g. ’do nothing’, ’do the minimum’, ’do something’ or ’do everything’ along with the corresponding results.
  • Actively look for experiences and lessons learned from earlier, similar initiatives.
  • Describe the biggest areas of uncertainty per alternative and suggest in which direction to proceed.
  • Decide whether to realize the concept as a project, assignment or task, or in some other way.
  • Make a rough estimate of the need for skills and resources, and the time required for realization.

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