The Preparation phase

In this phase, needs and results are defined in more detail and focus starts to move more towards scope and the plan. Preparations for the near horizon are generally made more detailed, while the longer term is kept at an overview level.

  • Go through the background and work done so far.
  • Act on experience and lessons learned from earlier, similar initiatives.
  • Choose strategies, e.g. development philosophy and method of implementation.
  • Do a more detailed stakeholder analysis.
  • Clarify the project’s level of ambition by describing the business objectives.
  • Describe the rest of the project playfield (project objectives, exclusions, limits and conditions).
  • Visualize the project in an appropriate manner for the project organization and the stakeholders.
  • Organize and staff the project and describe how the project should interact and communicate with its environment.
  • Plan and budget the project at an appropriate level of detail.
  • Anchor the project internally and externally and secure resources and financing.
  • Describe the opportunities and risks with the project, and proposed actions.
  • Describe how the work will be followed up.

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