Realisation & closure phase

This is the phase when the actual work is done by the assignment team. Cooperation within the team and also externally will be a key success factor.

  • Keep the tempo high by an active daily leadership, secure communications and ensure cooperation works as intended. Strive to remove hinders/barriers at the earliest opportunity.
  • Focus on achievements, e.g. at milestones or deliveries.
  • Strive to work with iterations with early and successive deliveries.
  • Continuously review lessons learned and refine plans to maintain a balance between overview and detail.
  • Secure, maintain and release resources.
  • Follow up on progress and uncertainties, visualize these for the assignment team and stakeholders, manage changes, make decisions when needed and update status.
  • Manage decisions that affect the assignment’s playfield formally, and manage the smaller changes operationally.
  • Clarify the required change management in order to secure realization of benefit.
  • Make sure that all the assignment’s deliveries are approved by the customer/user and hand over responsibility for results to the assignment’s receiver.
  • Clarify when the business objectives are to be evaluated and who is responsible.
  • Carry out a proper closure, map the degree of achievement of the objectives and document lessons learned.
  • Make outstanding activities known by use of an outstanding issues list and close the assignment.
  • Share lessons learned, celebrate the closure and dismantle the assignment organisation.

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