Realization and closure

This is the phase when the actual work is done. The thinking from the start phase is now realized.

  • Carry out the assignment and keep the tempo up by active daily management.
  • Secure, maintain and release resources.
  • Follow up, generate forecasts, manage changes and update plans.
  • Monitor risks and opportunities, take corrective measures.
  • Make sure that communications work, both internally and externally.
  • Deliver the results and make sure to get the customer/user’s approval.
  • Document achievement of assignment objectives, check against the arena and note remaining items.
  • Turn over responsibility to the receiver and inform stakeholders.
  • Document outcomes, hold a lessons-learned seminar and share experiences.
  • Finish all formalities and officially close the assignment.
  • Describe how and when performance against business objectives should be measured and who will be responsible.


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