Senior management

Senior management is a term used for that part of an organisation that ”owns” and governs the assignment.

Senior management is a permanent organisation, normally a pre-existing management team that decides which projects/assignments to commission.

They will be responsible for realizing the business objectives of the assignment, once it has been carried out.

Senior Management:

  • Has a multi-project coordinating function and decides which projects/assignments should be started.
  • Ensures that the assignment’s business objectives are achieved and followed up.
  • Prioritizes between projects/assignments and makes sure that there will be resources available to run those projects/assignments.

Senior management could be a management team, a portfolio management team or a project office.

The assignment sponsor is often the link between senior management and the assignment.

In large organisations, avoid making the highest management responsible for too many projects/assignments. Rather, strive to establish the senior management responsibility at the lowest possible level. However, for cross-functional, high-risk projects, responsibility will remain with the highest governing body.

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