Assignment team members

Participants in an assignment team who share responsibility with other the members for the assignment’s results. Those who actually do the work.

  • Are responsible for scheduling and carrying out their own work.
  • Work together with the other team members so that the assignment objectives are achieved.
  • Familiarize themselves with the assignment’s background and proposed playfield (objectives and limits).
  • Participate in formulating the assignment playfield with the assignment manager.
  • Actively participate in planning and in risk management.
  • Contribute to a good working climate.
  • Shares knowledge and experience and suggest improvements. Informs the assignment manager of deviations and changes.
  • Reports status and results to the assignment manager.
  • Contributes to anchoring the assignment and working as its ambassador.

The assignment team members’ motivation and ability to work in a focused manner are often crucial to the assignment’s success.

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