Assignment sponsor

The person with strategic responsibility for the business relevance/effects of the assignment.

Ensures benefit

  • Clarifies the business objectives and evaluates them in relation to the organization’s strategies and objectives along with the effort required and risk profile of the assignment at each gate.
  • Decides on continuing or cancelling the assignment at each gate.

Agrees the playfield (objectives and limits) and mandate with the assignment manager

Secures resources for the assignment at large

Anchors and protects the assignment and removes obstacles

  • Anchors the assignment with stakeholders, management and resource owners.
  • Settles conflicts of interests and makes sure that decision are made.

Collaborates, follows up and supports

  • Explains how interaction with the assignment manager should work in practice.
  • Follows up results, time, cost and gives feedback.
  • Decides when the assignment is at risk of moving outside the agreed playfield.
  • Supports the assignment manager.

Secures results, learning and utilization

  • Approves assignment closure, ensures that its results are delivered to the customer/user and that the results are transferred to the receiver.
  • Secures utilization by working together with the receiver so that necessary change management, etc., is carried out.
  • Ensures that business objectives are achieved and that established contacts are maintained.
  • Makes sure that experiences from the assignment are documented and passed on.


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