Resource owners

The link between resources and projects/assignments. Those who provide the projects/assignments with people and other resources.

  • Receive requests for competencies and resources.
  • Compile resource/competencies needed and provide them.
  • Are responsible for ensuring that their employees have the necessary competencies to follow established routines and processes.
  • Are responsible for ensuring that other resources (equipment, methods, materials, etc.) meet requirements and norms.
  • Communicate regularly with the project and assignment managers and teams regarding the need for competencies and resources.
  • Reallocate resources if necessary.

Resource managers, who are often line managers, ensure that the company’s collective resources are used in the best way. Theirs is the difficult job of balancing the supply and demand for resources. They need to have an up-to-date picture of the need for resources in the day-to-day activities, and to understand the needs of every project and assignment. They also need to be able to say ‘no’ when ends don’t meet. Resource owners are also largely the people who make it possible for the staff to focus on individual projects and assignments.


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