Assignment manager (AM)

The person who leads the assignment work and is responsible for achieving its objectives.

  • The assignment manager familiarizes him/herself with the assignment’s background and proposed arena and informs all team members accordingly.
  • Carries out a stakeholder analysis and works with assignment team members to formulate the arena.
  • Agrees on the assignment arena with the assignment sponsor.
  • Visualizes the assignment contents and results.
  • Organizes the assignment and agrees with resource owners on the use of human and other resources.
  • Plans the assignment.
  • Handles uncertainties in the assignment through measures like active risk management.
  • Motivates the employees and maintains tempo by active daily management.
  • Keeps the assignment sponsor informed on the current status and possible deviations.
  • Maintains contact with the receiver and the customer/users.
  • Puts together assignment status and information necessary for gate decisions.
  • Answers to the assignment sponsor for the achievement of the assignment objectives.
  • Delivers the assignment results to the customer/user.
  • Turns over responsibility to the receiver.
  • Holds a lessons-learned seminar, writes the final report and shares experiences.

Central to the assignment manager’s role is to eliminate obstacles and create conditions which facilitate work, collaboration and communication for everyone.


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