Document template for assignments

Assignment description:

Templates for assignments are described below. For the sake of simplicity, we have chosen to combine them into two documents. The assignment’s strategic plan and the assignment’s operational plan. The status report is available as an appendix in the project’s operational plan but also as a separate document.

Assignment Strategic Plan (Word)
Assignment Operational Plan (Word)
Assignment Status Report (Word)


Assignment strategic plan – ASP​


The business case is a support for the assignment sponsor and the senior management. It describes the business idea and the benefits of the project.

The assignment charter describes the project’s playfield with objectives, exclusions, limits and conditions, as well as how the follow-up is to take place. The document gives the assignment manager a mandate and ensures that the assignment sponsor and assignment manager are in agreement.

Gate decisions support the assignment sponsor to reconsider the assignment at the gates. It describes assessments, documents decisions and makes them available.

Change log is used for major changes that affect the assignment’s playfield. The consequences of the change proposals are described, and decisions documented.

The business objectives evaluation is used to, some time after the assignment ‘s delivery, document the degree to which the business objectives have been achieved and to clarify which other measures are possibly needed.

Assignment operational plan – AOP​


The assignment charter can also be included here for an overall picture for the assignment manager and the assignment team.

The operative plan includes elements such as stakeholder analysis, various breakdown structures, organization, communication plan, timeplan, risk analysis, essential lessons learned and more.

Iteration plan means that you select part of the work content from e.g. a work breakdown structure or a product backlog that then is further detailed and planned for the near zone.

Status report or visual board is used to compile and communicate status regularly.

Decision log is a compilation of operational matters and decisions during the course of the project.

The final report reports on the assignment’s objectives fulfillment and conveys the experiences gained that have been gathered successively during the assignment.

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