Stakeholders – positive or negative forces?

Who should you take into account outside of the project?
How do you deal with conflicting demands and expectations?
Should you bring your stakeholders into a project?

People have different expectations on projects and the related results. Understanding and managing these expectations is a necessary and important part of project management.
When you conduct a stakeholder analysis, you identify the different stakeholders, their needs, and their expectations. However, something you shouldn’t take into account when doing this is the ability of the organisation to meet those needs. This will be done at a later stage in the project. It’s always important not to mix up the expectations of the stakeholders and the ability of the project to meet these expectations.
When the stakeholders are identified and the needs are outlined you start working on your plan to manage these during the project.


In this workshop, participants are provided with knowledge about stakeholder analysis and action plans.
Participants are provided with check lists and a structure for how to ensure that the stakeholders are positive forces in your project.
We want to provide you with new inspiration and enable you to reflect on the situation in a way that makes you want to develop in the manager role.


2-3 hours. Morning, afternoon, or after work. You decide what is appropriate for you.

Number of participants

10-40 people. Ideally 15 people.


  • What are project stakeholders?
  • Results oriented stakeholders vs. implementation oriented stakeholders
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Primary and secondary stakeholders
  • Success factors and stakeholder management

Quotes from participants

“A great structure to categorise stakeholders”

“Feels like a very important part of a project”


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