Feedback for improved performance

Are there different ways to give feedback?
How often is it recommended to give feedback to a co-worker for it to feel honest?
How do you give constructive feedback in a positive way?

Everyone needs feedback on their work. We need to know what we do well and what we can improve. Someone who never receives feedback on their work becomes hesitant and inefficient.
The research that has been carried out in this field has clearly shown that the consequences of our actions influence our future behaviour. Behaviour that leads to something positive is enhanced while behaviour that leads to negative consequences is limited. This is where clear and frequent feedback is an efficient tool.


In this workshop you will be provided with tools for managing everyday management situations in a way that enables people to develop and perform better.
You will use feedback to develop co-workers and influence their behaviour in a way that relates to your goals.
We want to provide you with new inspiration and enable you to reflect on the situation in a way that makes you want to develop in the manager role.


2-3 hours. Morning, afternoon, or after work. You decide what is appropriate for you.

Number of participants

10-40 people. Ideally 15 people.


  • Feedback – give feedback that influences future actions
  • Positive vs. constructive feedback
  • Receiving feedback
  • The feedback ladder

Quotes from participants

“I will use more feedback in my work”

“Quite a few things to think about when giving feedback to my employees”


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