Conflicts within the group
When and how a leader acts

As a leader, is it possible to prepare for handling conflicts within the group?
What tools and methods are available to manage different conflicts?
How can you gain authority and have a greater impact in the manager role?

People have different wishes, values, interests, needs, and opinions. Therefore, it is quite natural that we sometimes have a hard time getting along in some situations. However, not all disagreements are negative – on the contrary.
However, when disagreements lead to conflicts, the disagreement has been charged with a destructive force and negative feelings that steals energy from everyone involved. Time, effort, and dedication is put into the conflict rather than into actual work.
This workshop aims to provide you with inspiration to handle more difficult managerial situations, for example managing employees who aren’t performing up to expectation or managing groups that are struck by long-term conflicts.


Participants are provided with knowledge about how people act in destructive situations.
We provide you with tools and methods to manage difficult conversations and conflict management.
We want to provide you with new inspiration and enable you to reflect on the situation in a way that makes you want to develop in the manager role.


2-3 hours. Morning, afternoon, or after work. You decide what is appropriate for you.

Number of participants

10-40 people. Ideally 15 people.


  • How people act in stressful situations
  • Difficult conversations
  • Methods for conflict management

Quotes from participants

“I now feel more confident in difficult situations”

“I’m excited to try out my new tools”



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