The person who will utilize what the project delivers.

The customer/user:

  • Describes and communicates requirements/wishes and their background.
  • Describes and communicates other expectations, for example how reporting should be done.
  • Monitors the project throughout its progress and gives feedback.
  • Does run-throughs and tests to ensure that the specifications have been met

The customer only:

  • Specifies a delivery method and receives the delivery.
  • Assesses the likelihood of achieving their own business objectives.

The customer/user has the difficult job of being clear about desired business objectives while describing an often unclear current situation, The customer/user and project manager need to discuss how to deal with questions to which there is no clear answer at project start, and how to deal with future changes.

A high level of trust between the customer/user and project manager will make things easier. Make sure to establish a good dialogue early on. This is just as important in the relationship between the project sponsor and the customer/user’s Business Manager.


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