The correct decision – is there such a thing?

Do you count on your gut feeling or your common sense?

Does more information always equal better decisions?

Do groups make better or worse decisions compared to individuals?

There are a couple of known occurrences and thought patterns that influence our behaviour in uncertain situations. In this workshop, we outline the psychology behind decision-making and explore how it relates to different kinds of organisations. Models, processes and systems often work if we follow this and make rational decisions.

However, we’re not robots, we’re people. We must understand that logic is not the only thing that governs our decision-making. What consequences does the human factor have in the average organisation? Can you avoid bad decision-making, and if so, how do you do it?


In this workshop, you will gain an increased understanding of what influences you and your group’s decision-making and how you can avoid the biggest traps.

You get to listen to the latest findings in the field combined with mini exercises individually and in a group setting.

We also want to inspire you and enable you to reflect on the situation in a way that makes you want to develop in the manager role.


2-3 hours. Morning, afternoon, or after work. You decide what is appropriate for you.

Number of participants

10-40 people. Ideally 15 people.


  • The basic principles of how people work
  • Common traps in decision-making
  • The difficulty in making decisions in groups
  • A couple of principles to make the right decision

Quotes from participants

“It was super exciting to learn about everyday decisions!”

“Clear cautionary tales and great advice”



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