Organizing Projects

The traditional way of leading projects by planning, progress reports and controlling measures fits less and less well with the requirements of flexibility and creativity in today´s organizations. These attempts to plan and control are not only inadequate, they also tend to lead us down the wrong path.

With Organizing Projects, the authors (Mats Ragnarsson and Lars Marmgren) show an alternative way of organizing and managing projects. They discuss how this can be done and why they think it leads to better results than the methods currently being used.

The inspiration of this book largely derives from research on projects and from their own studies of the theories of chaos and complexity. The authors have used this research and information together with their own experiences from a large number of projects in different environments. Their conclusion is that it is time for a new approach to project work and project leadership, which better suites the challenges of today´s work place.

By: Mats Ragnarsson and Lars Marmgren


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