Get started on your project!

What’s a project and what does it mean to work in a project?

How does a project model work?

When are projects appropriate and when aren’t they?

What are the benefits of working in projects and what is important to keep in mind?

The project format is not a new concept but it is more relevant than ever before. The situations where we have things to gain when we work across traditional borders and where we can make use of each other’s strengths and differences are increasingly more, not less common.

However, there are pitfalls! Often, projects are initiated without having clear roles, responsibilities, goals, and resources.

In long-term projects, it is wise to work on both gradual preparations and gradual deliveries.


In this workshop, you will gain knowledge regarding the basics when working on a project focused approach.

You will get an overall outline of what a project is, when projects are appropriate, and advice about what you can do in order to make your projects successful. You will also be given the opportunity to reflect about your organisation and the areas where projects could be used.


2-3 hours. Morning, afternoon, or after work. You decide what is appropriate for you.

Number of participants

10-40 people. Ideally 15 people.


  • Examples of different kinds of projects
  • A review of common definitions and concepts that are used in projects
  • An outline of project flow, from idea to utilisation – different project models
  • Presentation of what a project outline can look like and what it should contain
  • Simple templates and concrete advice about working in projects that easily can be applied to your everyday work

Quotes from participants

“I got a foundation for my coming project”

“My insight regarding different project models has increased”


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