Tobias Blomqvist

+46 73 420 69 69


Tobias’ main pillar/specialty is management and applied leadership together with people in different contexts and organizations. This also includes competence in project management and how temporarily composed groups work and develop in interaction with the goal and result in focus.


At Wenell, Tobias works with both national and international assignments in methodology, leadership and communication. It also includes open courses and customer-specific assignments.


Tobias’s background in the Armed Forces forms the basis for the experiences he has as a manager, leader and teacher. Tobias has worked successfully in roles and positions where management, teamwork and group dynamics were prerequisites for solving the tasks and moving on. Tobias has also worked in large public organizations with project management and in various managerial positions with responsibility for development, resource management and follow-up.
A selection from Tobias’ CV shows a wide range of experience as a manager at various levels from government and municipal operations as well as smaller private companies. In the most recent roles for a larger consulting company, Tobias worked in defense industry assignments as a project member, management support and assignment leader. He also has business and organizational development in various contexts.

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