Therese Heckler


  • Focus on clarity and usefulness, applicable tools and methodology.
  • To create positive changes for groups and individuals, improve processes and organizations, with good structure all the way.
  • To improve organizations by strengthening the individual employee, through skill development and security in their role.


  • Consultation and training in project methodology; both nationally and internationally.
  • Support of project management groups, teams and organizations.
  • Open courses and customer-specific assignments.


Therese has a background in the construction industry, and has worked with a variety of assignments in both size and complexity, in different roles. With a base as a civil engineer from LTH, she has supplemented her education with courses in business development, project management, leadership and quality technology.
Therese has experience of the complexity of the construction process, challenges and approaches together with knowledge in project management; combined with a burning interest in the development of organizations and people.
Therese has been a mentor for new hires, engaged in company-internal competence development, sat as a member of the education board, and returned as a practice assistant at LTH.

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