Mats Nyman

+46 70 346 00 81


Mats has a background in information science and 10 years of experience in project management in IT and in Change Management. As an IT consultant, Mats has implemented project management assignments at AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, Telia, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, and Astra Hässle.


Mats works mainly on client assignments regarding development and implementation of customized project models in a diverse set of industries. Mats also acts as support for his clients’ project managers, for instance in conjunction with the start of a project and during the project. Mats also has experience from starting up and managing internal skills networks for project managers. Mats is a very appreciated course trainer and annually conducts several training efforts for our clients.

Special interests

Mats is a certified SCRUM and Agile Master. Simplicity and practical approaches are often what leads the way and Mats is inspired by agile models, for instance by SCRUM and DSDM/Atern.

Approaches and methods are a big area of interest for Mats, and he has a lot of experience of being responsible for implementation of project models and developing the interaction between the project model and specific work models/processes. Clients are impressed by Mats’ ability to quickly understand their needs and how he can help them create a customized model support.

As a trainer, clients perceive Mats as having deep knowledge, while at the same time he can convey a message in a simple and clear way using great pedagogics.

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