Maria Forsgren

Maria Forsgren

Special interests

  • Providing managers with concrete and useful tools to improve their leadership.
  • Training managers in communicating successfully.
  • Helping managers to influence their results by working on behavioural change in the organisation.


Maria works on developing leadership in project managers and leads a couple of Wenell’s open training courses. Maria coaches managers in managing everyday challenges and helps our clients in achieving behavioral change, both on the individual and the organisational level. Together with our clients, Maria works on developing new methods to further enhance the effects of our educational efforts.

Maria is more than happy to help when:

  • A company wants to train their managers or project managers in leadership and communication.
  • A manager or project manager wants to improve their efficiency and their leadership approach.
  • There are challenges in the organisation that need to be analysed from a human perspective.
  • An important change needs to be implemented and have a real life impact.


Maria’s knowledge and experience as a licensed psychologist and certified in OBM (Organizational Behavior Management) enables her to understand human behavior and work systematically to achieve desired changes. Usually, it’s the small changes in behavior that give the most impactful effects!

Maria has worked on manager development and coaching for project managers and leaders, in both the private and public sector since 2003. She also has experience from working on organizational development and leading transformation projects on an organisational level.

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