Leif Dagsberg


Leif has a background as an officer in the Swedish army, where he for 15 years gained a lot of experience in real life management, communication and project management. He has had leading positions both in project and line operations and has worked on both development and education in Försvarsmakten. Today, he is a reserve officer in the army. Leif is a certified trainer for UGL (development of groups and leaders).

Leif has also worked as a branch manager, quality manager, development manager, and management team member in the recruitment, staffing, conversion & HR industry, where he successfully led a certification project in the field of ISO. He has also worked on organisational development of international businesses.


As a consultant at Wenell, Leif’s general focus is on working with both national and international assignments/programs in communication, management and methodology. This includes responsibility for implementing open courses and client specific assignments. It also includes personal support and development of project models, management of project start-ups, and group development programs in both larger international groups and in smaller Swedish companies.

Speciali interests

Leif develops the leaders of tomorrow, whose management is as dependent on self-awareness, self-confidence, and long term behavior as it is on processes and strategies.

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