Kristina Rosén


  • Creates and delivers customer-specific training
  • Coach individuals and teams. Educates in coaching leadership.


Kristina trains and develops individuals and teams in leadership, change management, communication and project management. Coaches both individually and in teams and helps people achieve success in their careers, leadership and personal development. Lectures, workshops and individual conversations are conducted with concrete and inspiring material both through meetings on site and with the help of virtual technology. Kristina conducts customer-specific training in subjects such as communication, change management, coaching and presentation techniques. Facilitates meetings and workshops.

Works with project managers, groups / teams, managers and employees and builds customer-specific training in active customer dialogue. Kristina helps our customers in areas such as values, personal leadership, behavior and communication.


Kristina is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), Certified Change Manager and INLPTA-certified NLP Business Communication Practitioner. Kristina has experience of conducting training and workshops digitally and on site. She has carried out employee and manager coaching in careers, performance and adjustment. Previous professional roles are project planner, buyer, logistician and inside salesman. Together with her family, she has lived in Asia for several years, which has given her insight and knowledge of different cultures. She has a university degree in economics, religious studies and sports psychology and mental training.

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